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Shooting College Recruiting Videos

Since I started shooting college recruiting videos, I have learned a lot by trial and error but also by running into frustrating stumbling blocks. I can address issues many ways, often with personal sensibility and technical skills, but I need to keep a few rules in mind. Adhering to certain principles and remaining flexible has allowed me to be more creative in my approach to shooting a video for prospective student athletes.

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Scoring an Athletic Scholarship

Getting an athletic scholarship is not easy but very much in the realm of possibilities if you have what it takes. In the end, getting a college degree is what matters. An athletic scholarship is one way to help finance education.

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My American Dream

I am a videographer and photographer who has dabbled in stock media. Raised in France, I realized my own version of the American dream in the early 90s and have made a living in the Seattle area. I would like to share my story because I want to give back what has been given to me: the opportunity for the dream of an education as a student athlete.

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